Hitman 2, is being sold on Ebay for $21.56, which I think is a steal of a deal. I always loved the Hitman franchise, from since PS-2 days.

As of this writing, the seller has more than 10 copies available, and they have a 99.7% confidence rating. I, myself, am prepared to purchase a copy. So grab your copy today!

About Hitman 2

The game was released on 13 Nov. 2018 and has 8 chapters to it. It follows our beloved bald headed assassin, Agent 47; on his various killing missions.

Hitman 2, actually received positive reviews “”Hitman 2 is the most refined and rewarding game in the series” – The Verge. It received a 4/5 rating by Steam and 95% of Google users, liked the game.

Missions of the game take place (in order) on Hawke’s Bay in New Zealand; at a racetrack in Miami; the fictional area of Santa Fortuna in Colombia; the slums of Mumbai; a fictional Vermont suburb; the fictional Isle of Sgàil somewhere in the North Atlantic; the fictional Milton-Fitzpatrick bank in New York City; and the fictional Haven Island resort in the Maldives.

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